Whats & Whys

«Whats and Whys» - is an interactive educational application for kids at the age of 3 to 10. It is colorful, intuitive and interesting. Use the «Whats and Whys» application to maximally develop intellectual potential of your child.

As far as it is more correct to develop the whole brain and not its separate areas, «Whats and Whys» has 4 sections. Altogether they train right and left brain hemispheres, i.e. train both logic and imagination.

We had a centuries-old problem in front of us. Children tend not to like to study. They would rather play. «Whats and Whys» presents lessons as games. Kids learn new stuff independently without parents’ aid with pleasure.

Here your child will get answers for all his/her questions. «Whats and Whys» can easily be called an interactive encyclopedia.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Download for Free!

Download for Free!
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