Puzzle Bricks

Puzzle Bricks – is an educating and interactive game for kids. The app includes 2 logic games “Picture Bricks” and «Logic Bricks». The aim of the first game is to put picture bricks together by rotating them up or down to make up the right image. The current game presents 8 categories with 6 images in each. So, overall there are 48 colorful images to put together.

The second game is more complex, here you will have to find a logical pair for each presented picture, e.g., if you have got a picture of a cow, its pair must be the picture of milk, etc. Having found 4 matches for 4 given images, the kid can check if he got all the pairs right by pressing the “Submit” button. If he has done everything right, he can pass to the next level.

Simple and clear interface will let your kid use it independently. 

We hope that «Picture bricks» app will be very useful for your kid.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
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