Creating the musical country in "Happy tunes"

23 April

We at the Little Beetle Company, made many children's toys into the interactive format that can be found on store shelves. We have created the mosaic, bricks, coloring, lotto, puzzles, and other useful apps. We strive to combine play and learning in each of our applications. Through our apps children train memory, attention, thinking, learn the alphabet, numbers, and more. Our new "Happy Tunes" app has been created in order to get acquainted with the world of music and musical ear training.

In the "Happy Tunes" game from Little Beetle there 5 kinds of musical games, 32 levels of difficulty, colorful characters, funny fruits, lots of carefully chosen music, quality sound, and more are waiting for kids.

Playing music application "Happy Tunes" will be very useful for your child. After all, music and different musical exercises help in the development of creative thinking, spatial representation, all types of memory (aural, visual, motor, imaginative and associative) and perception (aural, visual and sensorial).

Motivational component of the game is creation of the musical country where are living a variety of little animals and growing the most beautiful flowers.

Performing tasks your child will receive awards in the form of unusual flowers, balloons, ships, and more. The more completed tasks, the more characters will be in the musical country.

Playing the xylophone. In this game your child will catch the unusual hail by musical instrument - xylophone. As soon as the hailstones fall on the xylophone, there are played the sounds that make up the familiar melody together. 

Playing on the leaves of the flower - a game oriented to the training of memory. The child needs to repeat a given sequence of sounds from the memory.

All of the sounds in general are a melody that is divided into groups of consecutive sounds. Playing sounds accompanied by a specific sequence of petals highlighting in yellow. Once the task is done correctly the melody is played entirely.

In the next game, your child will define what animal and musical instrument corresponds to a particular sound.

On the left side – sounds of animals or musical instruments, and on the right hand - pictures of these animals or instruments accordingly. Through this funny exercise the child gets to know the characteristic sounds of various animals, musical instruments and their appearance.

Exciting game with fruits is sure to impress even the adults. Here is a shelf with baskets where are hidden sounds.

Tapping on the basket you hear the sound in a specific tonality. There are fruits underneath after tapping on which you will also hear the sound in a specific tonality. Now you need to pick up fruits into baskets, focusing on the sounds you hear. This game trains very well the aural and musical memory.

A fun game on a rainbow. The notes in the bubbles go down the rainbow which will be popped by your child with a great pleasure. The popping of bubbles is accompanied by playing specific notes.

The bubbles with the sounds go down in that quantity and sequence that turns into the known melody. If you do not pop the bubbles they remain on a rainbow reaching its lower part. This kind of pause allows the child to return easily to the game without the occurrence of anxiety that he did not have time to finish something.

Difficulty levels in games increase as they pass. After each completed task in addition to awards we added the praise in the form of applause, which is very important in the motivation for further learning.

Creating the "Happy Tunes" we have carefully thought through and picked up the sounds so that your child is developing in a positive direction. Have fun with the quality music, colorful graphics, unusual animations and user-friendly interface.

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Video review of the "Happy Tunes" game see below.

Download the app at the following link.

We wish you every success and enjoy spending time with our "Happy Tunes" app.

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