Evolution of the "Aquadots" application

09 January

little beetle aquadots

Many of you are worried that thekids’ application "Aquadots" has stopped working. We hasten to reassure everybody - this is a temporary problem, and it will be fixed very soon! In addition, you will find many pleasant discoveriesin the updated "Aquadots".

The aquarium appearance became more realistic, the fishesare moving more actively and life-like. The animation has appeared on the front page and not only there.

You can follow with interest the evolution of our "Aquarium": how it changed over time.

This was the original version:

Then there were significant improvements:

little beetle aquadots

And finally, this final version you will see in the updated version of the application:

little beetle aquadots

Also, your fishes will eat the real worms. Earlier they used to eat dry food for fish. As the application is designed for children, not for adults, you, dear parents, often wrote to us that the children don’t understand what these virtual fishes are eating. That’s why we replaced the cereal feed by real worms.

Remember that fishes are disappearing after 3 days from theirappearance, and they growwhen they are fed. Fish can beget passing two types of tasks - connecting dots and collecting puzzles.

little beetle aquadots

More information about the "Aquadots" application you will find very soon, on January 24
, and you will be ableto download the updated versionimmediately. Stay with us!

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