«I love Little Beetle» contest on Facebook

18 February

Dear friends! Little Beetle hastens to announce the launch of a new"I love Little Beetle" competition on our page in Facebook. The winners will get prizes: iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and incentive prizes from our company.

For your participation and winning the competition you need to accomplish the following steps:

1. Be a subscriber of our page http://www.facebook.com/littlebeetleapps. If you are not a subscriberyet - click "Like».

2. Upload a photo of your work on the subject: "I love Little Beetle” to our page or send a photo to e-mail: contest@littlebeetle.net.

In this contest the participants can use any materials at hand. You can paint, sculpt, sew or knit your work on the subject: "I love Little Beetle”. Fantasize! For the most extraordinary idea and its original performance the winner will get prizes from our company.

If you send a photo by e-mail, please, indicate the subject line: "I love Little Beetle». You can add any description to your photo. Be sure to include a link to your profile on Facebook!

Photos are accepted until February 24, 2013.

When all of the conditions for participation in the competition are made, you can move to victory. We start voting on February 25, which will take place on the page.


1. For more Likes under the photo in the album, the winner will get the iPod Shuffle.

2. The participant whose photo will be shared by more people will get the iPod Nano from Little Beetle!

3. At the request of our subscribers, we have added a rating of photos by Little Beetle team of judges. By decision of judges the winner will get incentive, but no less valuable prizes.

Dear friends! Please, don’t forget to sign your photos and indicate the link to your profile on the Facebook. Please, be reminded that the photos are accepteduntil February 24.

Participate and win!

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