Little Beetle is happy to let you know the wonderful news: Christmas applications’ sale has started!

19 December

We love our users very much, and especially for them, we have prepared the wonderful Christmas event. The price for all of our products is decreased to $0,99 and you can buy children's educational apps with a 70% discount! Hurry up!You have a chance to please your kid withgreat gifts from Little Beetle. The list of applications available for download with a discount can be found below.

Please, be reminded that all of the applications from Little Beetle weredeveloped with the assistance of the experts on the preschool education and development. They are for pre-school age, from 3 to 7 years. Applications are designed for iPad and iPhone devices. Little Beetle apps will help your children to train the most important mental skills (such as memory, logical, visual, and spatial thinking, concentration, fine motor skills, and many others), and also will promote the harmonious intellectual development of the child. Some of our applications are specifically developed to teach the child to read, to count, and to draw. We have prepared for you only t he best!

Little Beetle offers to purchase to your children the following development applications for a special price:

Whats & Whys: $2,99 -> $0,99 [iTunes link]
With interactive education application "Whats and Whys" kids at the age of 3 to 10 will not only be able to find answers to popular questions, but also develop their intellectual potential in an interesting game form.
Crazy Trip$2,99 -> $0,99 [iTunes link]
Amazing truck race will not only cheer children up, but also become useful tool for their intellectual development.

A set of colorful ABC, fascinating mini-game and karaoke song, developed by loving and caring parents, will not only impress your children but also teach them the russian alphabet.

Realistic interactive "Puzzle Bricks" will become an excellent amusement for your kids. With the help of wooden bricks children will develop associative thinking and logic in an entertaining form.

123 ZOO: $2,99 -> $0,99 [iTunes link]
Education can be fun. Amazing animals from "123 ZOO" application will easily teach your child to distinguish numbers and count. The learning process has never been so funny and interesting!

Kids Mosaic: $1,99 -> $0,99 [iTunes link]
Amazing interactive application "Kids' Mosaic" will widen your children's imagination, enhance their creative thinking, teach them to distinguish colors and develop their hands motor functions.

Unique application "Construct a car" allows your children to create their own car and ride it on a test drive. It is a great game for young technicians and engineers - the best way to develop logical thinking!

Mix 2 Color: $2,99 -> $0,99 [iTunes link]
"Mix 2 Color" will become your child's reliable guide to the world of drawing. This application will not only teach how to distinguish and mix colors, but also aid in development of creative thinking and artistic taste.

Family Lotto$1,99 -> $0,99 [iTunes link]
"Lotto" – is a popular board game for both kids and adults, where a great potential for development is put in pledge. Play, train your memory, sharpen your attention and learn interesting facts about animal world!

Entertaining puzzles will be interesting not only for inquisitive kids, but also for their loving parents. Improve your skills by completing either proposed colorful pictures or your uploaded photos.

Fascinating adventure with Genius Gnome will contribute to harmonic intellectual development of your child in simple game form. It will develop logical thinking, train memory and widen visual comprehension.

By purchasing our applications, you make a very useful gift for your children. The child will be happy to spend time at the Apple device, and you won’t be worried about the fact that your child develops and learns, not just plays.

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We hope that the gift offer from Little Beetle will bring a lot of fun and good for you and, of course, for your children. Happy holidays!

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