«Little Genius 2.0» - fascinating adventure with benefit for the child

14 February

Our "Little Genius 2.0" has changed. In the new version, the application interface is completely changed, graphics and navigation are improved, animation effects are added, and sounds are improved as well.

The whole interface is rich with warm and bright colors that create a good mood. The appearance of the Gnome Genius was changed; he has become more childish and looks more erudite. Now, on the way, he is accompanied by a new friend-frog that plays melodious music.

Now Genius has a map and the way that he needs to pass. The whole way the Little Genius goes in stages. With each stopover the level of tasks is more difficult.

Each stop on the way is marked as a chest containing hidden tasks. Each chest contains 4 tasks. Tasks focused on the development of memory, logical thinking, attention, and fine motor skills. All the tasks the child passes in turn.

In the first task the child needs to find a pair to each animal. The degree of difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. First the child needs to find three pairs, and on a more complex level - up to 11 pairs. This type of task trains the memory, and gradually increasing difficulty helps the child to orientate himself in the task.

In the next task your child should note the animal that is met several times in the presented cards. The degree of difficulty is also increasing gradually.

Collecting puzzle of different number of pieces, your child trains attention, spatial thinking and fine motor skills of the hands. To orient the child in this task will help a picture of animal which is presented for a few seconds before it’s breaking into pieces. With rising levels of difficulty the number of pieces, that picture is breaking into, increases.

The coloring is useful not only for the development of the fine motor skills of the hands, but also helps to develop creativity and imagination of your child. We have thought over the complicating not only in the increasing of the number of pieces in the picture to be colored, but also the number of colors that you can paint a picture.

When the task is complete, the pop-up window with a greeting will congratulate the child on the successful passing the game.

We have a new feedback form. Now you can get the news that take place in our company via short posts in Faceebook and Twitter. You can also send to the Little Beetle compamy your wishes and comments.

You can see the app video review below.

At the request of our users, we have optimized the navigation so that the child can pass over again his favorite tasks at different levels. We are very grateful to all the parents for their feedbacks, thanks to which we can create even more developing and interesting applications.

You can download the "Little Genius 2.0" here

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