Start the unforgettable adventure with the “Tales of Pirates”

15 March

Little Beetle is one of the leading companies for the development of children’s educational applications on iPhone/iPad. As the basis of most applications from Little Beetle, we (developers) used toys that can be found on store shelves. Into the interactive format were remade such toys as bricks, mosaic, constructor, etc. There are games among our apps that can be played by whole family – «Lotto» and «Family Puzzles». Now we want to present you our new developmental game – «Tales of Pirates».

Pirates, treasure, sea adventures - all this excites the imagination of children around the world. Our team got the idea to make this interesting pirate theme in children's educational game. The result is a unique game the "Tales of Pirates", which will immerse children in the atmosphere of the exciting journey with bright, extraordinary graphics and numerous developing tasks.

The game is designed for children from 6 years and older. There three islands with fun tasks for agility, quickness, speed, attention, memory and thinking are waiting for your kids in the «Tales of Pirates».

All the tasks in the game are more and more complex as the progress from level to level. Some tasks may be found in the game several times.

The tutorial appears before the beginning of each mini-game. It helps to understand the purpose and ways of passing each game.

The «Sweety beach» game.

To pass the task the child need to get items out of the sand. The items can be got easily and handy. This task will develop the fine motor skills of the hands of children and train their attention.

«Snaky Road».

The child needs to get the mark through the road so that the mark does not go out the road edges. This task is aimed at training of hand fine motor skills. The sounds of birds and nature in this mini-game calm the nervous system of the child.

«Unscary forest».

To pass this task the child needs to equalize the weight of the chest and bananas. To do this, collect bananas on the scales and train the knowledge of math account.


In this game it is necessary to control the airship so that it flies from the beginning to the end of the way not touching the rocks. Perform this task and train attention, diligence and thinking.


To complete the game the child needs to feed the octopus. It can be feed only edible items. If we feed the octopus inedible items, then we will lose earned in the mini-game points and will not be able to pass it on. This mini-game will help train the skill of differentiation - that is the separation of objects of any attribute.


To get the task you need to follow closely the white circle and click on the anchor when the circles coincide. Such task trains attention and speed of reaction.


To pass this task the child needs to insert the gems into the skulls of the same color. Perform this task and train attention and speed of reaction.


In this game you need to repel fish from the ship until it reaches shore.


The child needs to tap appearing gems to attack the opponent. Avoid the appearance of skulls, or you will be attacked by your opponent. This task helps actively train attention and observation.

«Spicky forest».

In this mini-game we act as the pirates’ team defender of angry mosquitoes. Playing this entertaining mini-game the child trains attention and speed of reaction.


To pass this task the child needs to assemble properly the picture of the pieces. Pictures can be collected in a free manner. We play and train figurative and spatial thinking. Depending on the difficulty level the pictures will be divided into different number of pieces.

«Central graveyard» - the game on the principle of memory match.

To pass the game you need to open the same pictures. We play and train the memory.

«Haunted house» - the game is designed to train the logical thinking.

Each character in the maze must be get to it’s the house. At a more complex level the characters will detain the movement of each other to their houses.

The encouragement is an important factor in the child's education, so that all completed tasks in the game are ending with congratulations.

If the child does not succeed something, he will be offered to pass the task again.

At any point in the game you can go back to the main island and adjust the music. We have tried to make the sounds closer to the pirate theme. You can hear the sounds of the sea, nature and birds in some of the mini-games.

With feedback form, you, our dear users, can write us your suggestions and comments on the game. Join us on Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter, to keep up with the latest events of our company. You can participate in contests and promotions; get information about discounts and sales.

Little Beetle team is committed to create the best educational apps for your children. Thanks to your comments and suggestions, we achieve this result with greater efficiency. We look forward to your feedback on the new developing game the «Tales of Pirates».

You can watch the video review of the fascinating game «Tales of Pirates» below.

You can download the app here.

We wish you a wonderful adventure for you and your kids in the game «Tales of Pirates»! Stay with us.

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