The game «Little genius - by Little Beetle, FREE» for iPad and iPhone

11 June

Our Little Beetle Company creates and produces children developmental and educational game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Thanks to the reviews and the wishes of our users, we make updates, fix bugs and improve our application. The game «Little Genius - by Little Beetle, FREE» for the iPad and iPhone is no exception.

Users, which met with our apps in the beginning, send us feedback with wonders and appreciations on new developments. Most of them don’t even remember what the Gnome Genius was looking like in the beginning.

The "Little Genius by Little Beetle, FREE» will meet you with the colorful graphics, pleasant music, exciting and interesting games. In the full version of the game there are offered 12 levels of difficulty with 4 kinds of games. The user friendly interface will allow children to play by themselves.

The Gnome Genius trip can be tracked on the map. Stopovers are pointed as chests, where are the hidden tasks in. Each following stop suggests the difficulty level increasing.

The first task of each level is associated with the search for the pair.

Thanks to this game your kid has his time not only with fun, but it’s also useful - a good training of memory and attention.

Develop and train the attention with the next game. The main point of the game is to search for the animals that are repeated several times or more on the cards.

Then collect puzzle of cute animals that you have met a bit earlier in the app. Any puzzles are focused on the development of fine motor skills of hands, training attention and thinking.

The fourth task in each level is a task for coloring pictures. You will enjoy the convenient tools for coloring, bright colorful and various colors.

We keep in mind the fact that the encouragement of children is one of the most important moments in their development. So each level is completed by pop-up with the congratulations.

With the convenient contact form be informed on the news of the company, special offers, contests, and also send us your suggestions, comments on the email or on the Facebook, Vkontakte, and Twitter.

At the request of our users, we have optimized the navigation so that the child can go easily the task he liked at different levels. We thank our users for the feedbacks and look forward to new suggestions.

You can see the video review of the game «Little Genius - by Little Beetle, FREE» for the iPad and iPhone below.

Download the "Little Genius - by Little Beetle, FREE» here.

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