Do you know how to inculcate to your child the love to reading?

12 December

Recently, parents, psychologists and educators have increasingly faced with such problem as the children don’t like and don’t want to read. And yet, reading is the most useful intelligence training and the best incentive for the child’s development. It’s impossible to be really educated and knowledge able person, if the desire to get knowledge and to obtain new information will not be laid in the childhood. It’s not enough to get the child to read, you also need to create conditions so that he would reach out to the books and love this activity. So what to do with it and how to inculcate to the child the love to reading?

First we need to understand the reasons why the child doesn’t want to stay with a book and read. Sometimes the reason is on the surface - he just has no one to take an example. If he never sees his parents reading, so he hardly will believe you when you tell him that reading is a necessary and useful activity. So first of all, analyze your own behavior and, if necessary, correct it.

Don’t try to show the child a fake interest in reading, if in fact you think it’s boring yourself. Read with interest at the child, tell him about the read, andencourage him to read. You can take him to the book store, enthusiastically talking about different books. Also you can visit the library or museum where the books are there.

Make the reading a family pastime - you can make a poster, where each family member will note the read book or number of pages read per day. The child will also want to participate in a collective doing, and it will be a great motivation.

Another very common cause is the lack of interest in reading because it successfully replaced by the computer, TV, or other hobbies. It’s needed to explain to the child the difference between entertainment and useful things. You can set a limit when the child can have fun and when he has to read. At that you shouldn’t blame the child and make him read by force, it only will kill his interest.

Pay attention to the interests and passions of the child and choose that books, which will meet his interests. Gradually the circle of read books will begin to expand on its own, the main thing is to get the child interested and make the reading a useful habit.

If the child has no expressed interests, the best solution for the development of interest to the books is fairy tales. Children usually do love to read them. And if your child refuses to read fairy tales, because they are only "for children", you can offer him to read the myths and legends, the fantasy genre literature or science fiction, designed for children age. This is because nothing attracts so much as the possibility to distract from the routine cases and to immerse one self in the magical fantasy worlds. Also, the reading such books is very beneficial for the development of fantasy and imagination.

Please ensure that your child not just read over the books, but also understand the meaning of the read. So often ask him about what he has read, learn to retell the text properly. In order to not to make the checking process of the learned information did not seem boring and unpleasant, do it gently, in the form of a simple conversation, but not as a strict examination. Again, you can resort to the formation of a family tradition - every evening at dinner discuss the read books and share your impressions. You can tell the child some interesting parts of book you want to give him to read, or start reading to the child by yourself.

If you resort to a joint reading before bed, you can ask the child to read some passages from the book by himself, gradually increasing the number of pages you offer the child to read. Let him read aloud first, and then you can ask him to train in reading silently.

Every parent should inculcate to the child the love to books and reading.We hope that the above recommendations will help you achieve this goal.

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