Do you know what does it mean to be a perfect mom?

26 November

Ideals are unobtainable and everybody knows it. But every woman wants to be a perfect mom for her child. Sometimes imagining the ideals of various people is different. More than that, the child has his own idea of what should be a perfect mother. Not surprisingly, the perceptions of mothers and children often don’t match with each other. British sociologists conducted an interesting research, finding out what should be a perfect mom from the children point of view.

The research involved more than three thousand young respondents aged 6 to 15 years. Children's opinion on this matter showed up the following: a perfect mother has to drive the children to school, to allow watching TV and sitting at the computer at any time of the day or night, regardless of how children behaved. Also according to children, the super-mom should never scold for dirty clothing.

In addition, the mother should always support the child in all endeavors, leave him space to express himself and take all of his interests and his friends. And most important thing, the perfect mom should love the child no matter what if it’sbad behavior, the bad grades, etc.

Of course, children's ideas about themotherhood idealsseem a little naive. You can compare them with the characteristics of a perfect mother which wasgiven by the women themselves in the same poll. Women are sure that the perfect mother never annoyed about the behavior of her child. She has an angelic patience;she doesn’t scold the child and, of course, never spank him. She always knows what the cause of sadness of her child is. She never gets tired and always calm. She is concerned about the development of the child;she surelytakes him to developing classes and buys educational toys.

She is an excellent cook and keeps the house clean and cozy. The perfect mother should know all the friends of the child and their parents, and to be in communication with them. She always is there to protect the child, always keep him out of bad influences and the attacks. Interests of the child are always in the first place for her.

The perfect mother should not work; she must tend to the child. And if she works, then she should give to the childabsolutely all of her free time. The perfect momhas no time to girlfriends and beauty salons. She should know everything that happens in the life of her child. The perfect mother is always in a good mood and brings smiles to everyone around.

You can make some conclusions, imagining whether the children consider such perfect mother as described above. It appears that children's wishes are much more simply. And for them, the mother's love is often expressed in hours allotted for entertainment, but not in total control of the child's life.

The moral of this article is as follows: Dear Moms, trying to be perfect, follow the wishes of the child, not for your own. Most important thing is the mother's love and support. And, of course, nothing should stop you to care about not only your child, but also about yourself. Don’t force yourself into the conventionalitiesframes; don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t give up your interests for the sake of the child, it’s better to find compromise. In any case, you love your child and care about him. You should believe that the child finds you as a perfect mom just for you are his unique, loving and understanding mother.

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