Do you know what sport classes to choose for the child?

07 December

Sport is a very important part of every human’s life at any age. Doing sport professionally or nonprofessional, the child takes necessary exercises which play a huge role in his development. The choice of sport classes for the child rests on the adults. At first sight, it’s easy to make a choice, but the most import thing is that the choice is useful and interesting to the child.

Choosing sport classes you should meet the child’s opinion and his interests, his health condition and individual specific nature. Already at 3-4 years, the parents think of where to “attach” the child. At this age it’s difficult to define the disposition to the certain sport. There are a few trainers which will be able to work competently with such young child. For this age, the most available activities are wushu, aikido, skiing and dancing. It’s much easier to define the child’s disposition at 5-7 years.

It’s important to take into account the distance from home to the classes, as long distances are tiring not only for children, but also for parents. Absenteeism and denials of sections can also be triggered by adults due to tiring trips. The child can get used to the fact that sport is not so important. That’s why it’s desirable to spend no more than 40-50 minutes to road.
In addition to territorial location, it’s very important to remember about the individual characteristics of the child. Some adults take the sport as a source of physical exercises for children in poor health, which as the result leads to refusal of physical activity. However, the absolute refusal of physical activity can lead to physical inactivity, obesity and other disorders.

It’s important to remember that you can find the appropriate classes for every child in accordance with his individual specific nature. If the child has problems with blood vessels and pressure, it’s preferable not to attend classes in combat sport, but he can do volleyball. In bronchial asthma you should abstain from all kinds of running exercises, and offer to the child water sports or wrestling. If the child is overweight, you shouldn’t give him to where are needed the movability and coordination. The training process can lead to the rejection of the sport. It’s desirable to evaluate the child's abilities reasonably.

It’s important to consider the temperament of your child. If the child is phlegmatic, then you shouldn’t make your child attend such classes, where are needed the physical alertness, agility and sharpness. At the classes the rate of speed can be improved only on 10%. Such inert child by his nature will be distressed for each of his failure compared to other children. Instead of you can offer something else, such as a bowling, where also present a competitive process and the elements of sports actions. Impulsive and emotional children adapt harder to the individual sport that requires patience, diligence in multiple repetitions of the monotonous exercises. Team games will be the best basis for the development for them.

The great importance is revealed the coach for the child, so make sure that the selected coach becomes a trainer who will invade into the child’s life tactfully, carefully and with love to his work.

Today, there are many different sports clubs for children, which are important in the life of every child. Doing sport professionally or nonprofessional, the child takes necessary exercises which play a huge role in his development.
Every sport has its pluses and minuses. Gymnastics is beautiful sports where girls acquire the grace, elegance and flexibility, improves posture, develops coordination and strengthen muscles. The other side of this sport is that if not to stop in time, it will lead to pain in the joints and spine, polyarthritis and reproductive system disorders. Sprinters, for example, can have flat feet and hypertonia, and jumpers can have knee and ankle joints diseases.

Football, basketball and volleyball are sports which develop the large motor skills, also improve the work of the vestibular and visual analyzers, and the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

There is no absolutely safe sport. However, tempered sports activities will bring only benefits to the child. Don’t forget that the main task is to find that kind of sports activities that will bring pleasure to your child and encourage him to the regular exercises in the future for keeping the physical fit.

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