Do you know what to do if the child has a motion sickness?

13 May

Most of thechildren's health experts recommend consulting to a neurologist if your child has a motion sickness. Sometimes nausea in transport can be a symptom of several neurological disorders. But the sickness of the childin the transport can be due to many other reasons. Sometimes it is just the body peculiarity. To avoid depriving yourself of pleasure, or the need to go on a trip with your child, there are some ways to reduce the importance of this unpleasant for the child and for you fact.

Most often the cause of nausea in the road is the instability of the vestibular apparatus of the child. For the prevention of motion sickness and for resistance training of the vestibular system, you can execute different exercises with the child to help develop itfrom infancy. This includes any kind of somersaulting, whirling, tumbling, and jiggle. Thisall can be done securely holding the child in your hands. Also the healthy influence for the development of the vestibular system has such exercisesas walking on a log and swimming.

When the child's body adapts to different types of motion the sickness symptoms will gradually diminish. In fact, by accustoming the child may well get rid of motion sickness. That is in the anti-motion sickness process it would be useful to make small trips with the child gradually increasing their duration.

Another common cause of nausea in transport issultry air and unpleasant smell. Therefore, make sure that the air inside a car or a bus is aired. If necessary, slightly open the window. If the transport is at a stream of cars, the source of bed smell and stuffiness can be exhaust gases from the surrounding vehicles. In this case, on the contrary, close the window, but still leave a small opening for ventilation.

Make sure that it’s not hot for the child. If the child was sweating, it is better to unbutton the outerwear. Remember that sometimes overheat is even more dangerous to a child than hypothermia. The more that feeling of heat only increases the nausea.

Do not forget that people,who have the motion sickness, get better if they sit along the path. If you are on the bus, do not sit with the child backwards. Take on the road the citrus or acidic candies and mints. This helps both adults and children. If your child is allergic to citrus, do not forget about it.

If you are drivingby yourself, then more often make a stop. During stops output the baby to fresh air, give him water to drink, wash him. It is also useful to do some simple exercise, so your child gets the opportunity to stretch his legs.

Do not focus on the problem: do not keep asking the child "Are you ill?" "Are you sick?". It is better to distract the child from thinking about his feeling healthy. The more he listened to his unpleasant feeling, the worse he feels himself.

It would be best if the child falls asleep on the road. So do not bother him too muchoffering to play active games. It is better to makeyour child feel comfort, offer to lie in your arms, so he relaxed and fell asleep.

If the above recommendations do not help, and the child continues to suffer, you can consult a neurologist. The specialist may prescribe special preparations (often from natural origin) to your child, which will help to reduce the excitability of the nervous system.

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