Do you know what to do if the child is a "cry baby"?

19 December

All children occasionally cry. But some children have such habitude as to cry a lot, to cry for any occasion, and even to cry for no reason. If the child is a "cry baby", there can be several reasons. Often crying is a natural trait of personality and temperament, and there is no point to fight with it. Let’s figure out why the child grows a cry baby, and can we make it right.

It happens that indifferent and emotionally cold parents give attention to their child only when he cries. So maybe there is only one of such parents. In this case, the child tries to attract parental attention by crying.

Sometimes crying is a means of manipulation of parents. These cry babies notice that after their crying parents give gifts to them, etc. Then the children can develop the habit of crying to get what they want from parents. Your aim is to prevent this radically wrong situation to be formed.

How to do that? You shouldn’t be have to a child crying too pitiful, especially if the child fell down. Too many children are crying only when there are parents or strangers. That is, the child is actually not that hard or bad, he only attracts the attention of adults. So you shouldn’t take pity too much, calm and shower with gifts the child if he has a little trouble.

Another cause of crying may be the child’s hypersensitivity, which is the inherent quality of the nervous system of the child. Typically, these children have a bent for creation; can have musical, artistic or other giftedness. Such children should be treated with care and attention, because something ordinary for others can hurt their sensitive soul. For example, seeing even a small sad episode in the cartoon, sensitive children may begin to cry. This is not a defect and not a weakness, but just an individuality of your child. So in any case don’t blame him for the tears, and don’t try to change his character. Should be noticed the strengths of the child (for example, his artistry and sensitivity) that should be used for the child’s self-realization.

If the child feels anxious or depressed, tears can be akind of psychotherapy means for him. After crying there are happiness hormones produced in the body, and the child feels better. So you need to give your child to cry out, but of course if his crying is not the attempt to manipulate you.

The best strategy of parental behavior when the child is crying is a smooth and calm attitude, with no restrictions on the tears and, therefore, no action that could be interpreted as encouragement to perpetuate the habit of whimper. Let the child cry, as he wants. If the child is looking for a reason to get your attention with tears and can’t find it, he will calm down quickly and stop crying demonstratively.

Sometimes, especially for small children, the best way stop crying is the simple switching of attention. Also crying may be a signal of the low self-esteem of the child. To child’s self-esteem was adequate, praise him for his achievements, stimulate his desire for a better result, don’t scold him for failures, and analyze their causes calmly and rationally with the child.

It is very important to teach the child to verbalize his requests. And then, if the child is sad, he is tired or feels not well, so he will be able to express his problem by words, before he starts crying. And you’ll be able to correct the cause of anxiety to the child loose his desire to cry.

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