Do you know what to do if your child is in love?

11 December

The first child's love is a new situation not only in the child’s life but also the parents. It often happens that parents don’t know what to do with the first child's sense and how to respond to it - as a harmless interest or as a serious step in the socialization of the child? Sometimes love can invade even the 3-year old child, and the strength of his feelings can make him get up various strange things. So what should worried parents do in this situation?

When the child comes after kindergarten and seriously declares that he is in love, and they're going to get married, usually the first reaction of adults istenderness. In fact this is the right reaction and you should be happy that such bright and strong feeling came into the child’s life. In any case,don’t laughat his feelings. Tell him about love and teach how to behave with the opposite sex.

The love in the preschool years is not much the learning of the other person, but much more the learning of this sense. Therefore, the child of the opposite sex can be the object of love for reasons unknown to adults. Sometimes the child can fall in love with the other, if he or she has beautiful and rare toys, or he attends some special activities like playing the violin, going to dances, etc. That’s why don’t ask the child why he made that choice, and in any case, don’t criticize him.

You shouldn’t exaggerate the happening, always focus on the feelings of the child, to warm up them, and tell him how to behave. Often, adults begin to follow the events enthusiastically, make comments, and discuss the happening. It can be offensive for the child, and he can feel discomfort. Let all comes naturally, and if your child needs help or advice, he will turn to adults by himself. Especially you shouldn’t give your child stupid advices as an expression of love, what to gift, etc. This looks like fun for adults, but the children will take this nonsense seriously.

If suddenly the child's first love is unanswered, he will also, as the adults, be in pain and despair. You must alleviate this stress situation by all means. You shouldn’t assure the child that it’s anothing at alland he will fall in love again and more than once, also you shouldn’t laugh at his senses. Try to distract the child, brings him to the circus or the zoo, buy a new toy, entice him with something. Give comfort and calm the child with all seriousness.

If your son turned a ladies' man and loved several girls at once, or your daughter has got a crowd of young fans, don’t think that this is evidence of the child frivolity. This means that your child is friendly and opened; he needs a lot of new emotions and impressions.

Sometimes love of preschooler can carry destructive grain. This happens if the child is going through the early sexualization - saw the film for adults, or learned something from the older children. Then he can take an aggressive interest in the sexual part of love. In this case you should be worried and refer to specialists. To avoid this, you should strictly control what the child looks on TV; get with proper sexual education of the child.

In all other cases, the child’s love is not dangerous and is an attributive and important component of the socialization of the child. Take it seriously, because it can be so that people bring their feelings through their life and in the end create a family with that person, which they have loved in the childhood.

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