Do you know why children love the sweets?

04 December

Everyone knows that children love sweets more than adults. Growing up, only a few of the "Sweet Tooth" keep the same craving for sweet foods. It is obvious that children have a weakness for products that have a sweet taste, for a reason. So what is the reason that children are attracted to candies, cakes and all kinds of sweets?

First taste, which a newborn baby gets used, is sweet. This is due to the fact that the breast milk contains much lactose, i.e. milk sugar. The same milk sugar, and also maltose, is contained in milk formulas for artificial feeding
Many pregnant women also have a large carving for the sweets. As a result, the sweet tooth is grown already in the womb. After the birth the child, which was fed by breast or artificial milk,strengthens his carving for sweet taste.

Then, when the supplemental feeding is started, the child’s passion for sweet only increases. This is due to the fact that canned juices and yogurts, which you give to the children, contain a lot of sweets too. Also, the parents very often add much sugar to cereals and puree that offered to the child.

U.S. scientists say that there is nothing wrong if the child overeats by the sweets. Sure there is a physiological reason for the need in the sweet foods. The scientists have found out that the craving for sweets is related to the body growth. The more intensive the child grows, the more he wants the sweets. If the intensity of the body growth decreased, the child often stops to be the sweet tooth.

The case is that the intake of sweets stimulates the developing of serotonin; this is one more “hormone of happiness” that exists along with endorphin. This way, when the child is in bad mood, he would like to eat something sweet to get back the peace of mind by the increasing of serotonin.

As you can see, children have a few reasons to love the sweets. But it’s impossible to give such food to the child in the unlimited amounts. The sweets are digestible carbohydrates and the great amount of calories. Even in the childhood the overeating the sweets can lead to obesity and its dire consequences. In addition, the overeating the sweet leads to caries, diathesis, diabetes and cardiovascular system deceases.

To avoid such problems you should control the child’s intake of the sweet foods and accustom him to the normal food. Of course, you shouldn’t scold the child for too many candies or cake, especially if he was treated on a visit. But you shouldn’t keep the vase with candies and sweets on the table at home.

The rate of consumption of the sweets for the children up to 3 years is 30-40 grams a day. Try to apportion the sweets dose for one day rationally. For example, you can give the child the sweets in a snack time, warning that in such case, the evening dinner will be without dessert.

For the children up to 5 years the chocolate is more preferable than caramel. Pay attention to the quality of products that you give your child, especially to the quality of ice cream. If the ice cream is good, it's even useful for the child, but no more than100-gram portion 2 times a week.

There are many sweet products that have a great value. For example, fruits, berries, honey. So if you give your child yogurt with sugar, it’s better to add pieces of naturally sweet fruitthere.

Most importantly, keep reasonable limits, limit the sweets, but don’t forbid the child to eat his favorite candy and other sweets. If you are the sweet tooth yourself, and you eat candy and chocolate in large quantities right in the child’s sight, don’t ask him to refuse of the sweets.You should better to limit the intake of sweet by yourself, as opposed to the child, the consumption of sweets is not the real need of the body for you.

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