Do you know why the collaborative creative process with your child is so important?

18 December

In the process of co-creation with adults, the child assumes such a good habit, as the ability to spend his leisure time interesting and useful, he begins to show a seeking for creation. The child develops his aesthetic sense, stimulates the development of important psychological processes that are necessary for the successful development of each person. Pursuing creativity with children, parents should know some things that need to be considered in joint creative activities with the child.

The creative process helps the child to express himself, to get rid of the negative conditions. There is conducted a prevention of psychosomatic diseases through the creative activities, and in some cases, the fighting with different fears. In such creative process as drawing, you can use the experts help to solve all sorts of psychosomatic problems of the child.

Joint activities with the parent bring together, there is a sense of involvement into the collective doing. The child has a feeling that parents are interested in his goings;this strengthens the relationship of trust between the adult and the child.
In addition to establishing good relationships with the parents, in the creative activity there develops the imagination of the child, the foundations of creativity, independent and logical thinking, practicing fine motor skills of hands, intelligence, memory and attention. The child appears craving for beauty and evolving the aesthetic feeling. If there are several children, you can divide the creative duties between them in accordance with the possibilities of the age.

To have a success in any creative process with the child, the parents should consider some recommendations. Type of activity of each child is determined by the individual rate of development, his age, his preferences and aptitude. Therefore, you should come up with lessons taking into account the child's temperament and his individual characteristics. For the active children you can spend a little workout in the form of physical exercise in between so he could catch a break and get back to creativity.

In any case you shouldn’t force the child to a particular activity. To interest your child in creative activities, you can put him in the group of children of the same age who are passionate about the same activities. Encourage the child to design the party, where everything will be done by hand. If the child refuses to be involved into the creative process, you always can turn to a psychologist for help.

Talk about what is needed to be improved or corrected in the subject of your co-creationas correctlyas possible. Praise your child for his efforts, little progress and for the effort.

It’s important to keep safety in the selection of materials and tools when working with any materials. You should prepare the workplace and the clothes for the child in advance. If the child is not familiar with some of the tools, it’s necessary to introduce him to them. So if the child is the first time working with the scissors, then all operations with them should be conducted under your control, don’t leave your child alone with them. The creative process is needed to be started from the simple, gradually complicating the tasks.

Exhibition of children's art gives the child a sense of worth, self-confidence and abilities, and encourages increased self-esteem.

Habituate your child to clean up his working place, make this unpleasant process as gaming activity. It’s important to remember that in a joint creative process parents shouldn’t stand on the position of the teacher, but should be a companion in this process.

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